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10 Beautiful Actresses in the World’s Highest Income

Recently, Forbes magazine’s top 10 most beautiful actress names in the world are published. This year’s album is arranged with their pictures.

Jennifer Lawrence: The 26-year-old American actress earned 45 million dollars last year. His name on the list of highest-paid actresses is above all.

Melissa McCarthy: In addition to acting, Melissa McCarthy has also contributed writing, fashion designing and photography. That’s why income is a lot more. In 2015, at least 33 million dollars have been deposited in his account.

Scarlett Johansson: Another US actress, model and singer Scarlett  Johansson has earned $ 4 million more than Jennifer Aniston in 2015. He has earned $ 25 million, earning the third.

Jennifer Aniston: The US actress earned $ 21 million last year. 47-year-old Jennifer is not only an actress, she also produces income from business and business.

Fan Bingbing: Many people are surprised to see the name. Yes, the Chinese actress and singer’s name comes in the Forbes list for the fifth position. Binggigan earned 17 million dollars last year.

Charlize Theron: In 2015, this American actress, born in South Africa, earns $ 16.5 million. So, on the Forbes list, his name is in the sixth place.

Amy Adams: Another Hollywood actress and singer Amy Adams was nominated for five nominations, but she could not win the Oscars yet, but many Oscars were behind her income. He is earning $ 13.5 million in one year, earning $ 13.5 million.

Julia Roberts: Three-time Golden Globe and one-time Oscar winner Julia Roberts earned 12 million dollars last year. The Hollywood actress, who won the first starring role due to her performance in ‘Pretty Women’, is in eighth place.

Mila Cunis: US actress Mila Kunis is at number nine on the Forbes list. Last year, after earning $ 11 million, she left behind Deepika.

Deepika Padukone: The only Indian actress in the list. This popular Bollywood star has earned a total of $ 10 million last year and is ranked among the highest earners in the list of the year. Dipika has been tenth


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